Monetize on PRO's providing training and assisted services to players of your game
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Boost your revenue
Unlock the new monetization model with potential to multiply your revenue.
Increase community engagement
Create jobs for professional players inside your game. Who in turn will become your core community and help engage more users and reduce churn rates.
Create jobs in virtual worlds
Allow your users to work officially inside video games.
A dream job
We aim to create one million new jobs in Virtual Worlds. Allow your users to monetize their skills and join a growing community of remote video game jobs as creators.
Career expert
Become an expert in remote jobs through the use of our services and value offerings for gamers. Use our integration model for marketing and brand growth. While we take care of the rest.

Our platforms and INTEGRATIONS

Prime World
Users of the popular MOBA game Prime World can now hire professional players to train together and improve their gaming skills. PRO players now have the opportunity to monetize their skill, officially working in the game
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